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Accredited international clairvoyant, transformational life coach and author.

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Marietta offers video/telephone/whatsapp call sessions as well as personal sessions at her home in Cape Town. Visit the book online tab to secure your session.

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Learning to communicate and work together is something Marietta loves teaching. Learn how to strengthen and understand your partnership again.

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Marietta has various online courses available for purchase in the site, and she hosts periodic workshops in Table View in Cape Town.

I’m Marietta

I believe that it is important for people to empower themselves in their process of evolving and becoming conscious, aware and taking responsibility for their lives. After three marriages and bringing up two girls, I want to share my life lessons more keenly with other seeking humans. Helping people reach closure with those who have passed on, letting go, accepting and living with spirit is part of my life mission. In the last 40 years I helped people with their relationships, business decisions and health issues. I have worked with big organizations to merge with other companies to restructure or dissolve, build solid foundations and could also help with investments as I have, as some say, x ray eyes, when it comes to predicting the future stock market trends or world happenings in general. The most transformational experience for me was being a part of DIE ANDER KANT – my TV Show that produced over 100 episodes. Helping people on such a large scale gave me a lot of insight and experience.  I also released a book in 2012 ,that is available for download on this website, that outlines my experiences of the other side. We produced numerous online courses also available for purchase which are for people who want to develop their intuition.
I am always developing, growing and living 🙂 

Videos and Live Streaming


I live stream via YouTube on a regular basis. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I give free advise and insights on many topics.

My Expertise

Death and Loss

Stress & Anxiety

Financial Issues

Family Member Conflict

Soul Realignment

Job Loss or Change


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Akashic Records

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Soul Purpose


Absolutely fascinating and a lot of food for thought. Professional as always and very prepared – never anything less.

Very knowledgeable on the topic, willing to have a discussion and apply to all areas of life and how patterns can repeat themselves.

I have most definitely learned a lot more about myself and learned to see myself in its entirety not just positive but to be aware of those gremlins as well.

I would love to spend some more time around how to make those small changes that are required to allow me to have the positive effects of karma.

Jenine Binos

It was amazing to discover my soul purpose with your help, it is something that now has become crystal clear to me.

I now understand why I constantly felt inspired to approach live in a particular way, in this particular way.

You were spot on about many things and I was surprised a few times by your insight!

Thank you as well for providing me with suggestions and techniques that I can utilise to be even more prepared for the tasks that lie ahead.

I feel as if I have gained a lot from our session.

Rian van Heerden

Grateful from New Zealand

Hi Marietta. Hope you are doing well! You did a reading on me in early January, (I’m in NZ) you asked me to let you know if something you predicted came true.

Well… In all honesty, when you did the reading and you told me I was going to get my own place in July, I thought not much of it, since I just moved in with a family that weekend. I had a my heart deadset in owning my own home, but you said that you don’t see it for me just yet.
Well, then COVID hit, and lockdown happened, I went to stay with my family.
I came back to work, and the people I stayed with told me to find another place as they could not afford it.

This is where your prediction comes in, this all happened a few weeks ago, I started looking to go flatting again, all the rooms were too small, and it was a nightmare. One night a saw an apartment for rent and I thought I will give it a go and see what can happen – not being very hopeful as I have been declined for rentals before due to a bad credit history.

This is where it gets really really weird (I know this message is getting long, but it is so worth it), the next morning I show my workmates the apartment, and one of them brought up your prediction; you said I will move into my own place, you saw steps leading up to the place, and a garden. That was exactly the listing – there is even a pond!

The lady at the agency sent me a form to fill out, but it was the wrong form. I decided to give her a call. She picked up the phone, and I detected an Afrikaans accent. I spoke to the “Tannie” in Afrikaans and told her about my situation and that I don’t know if my situation will be a problem. She told me; “Moenie worry nie my kind”…. it was asif it was meant to happen, this whole thing, my mind was/is blown.

Well, today I moved into my apartment, I am so happy! I am still worried that things won’t work out, the place is a little bit more than I budgeted for. But I have faith that it happened for a reason, and it is my destiny.

So thank you for your reading, it gave me hope! And I give all the glory to God. Thank you again!!


Amanda Bruyns

My Akashic Reading / Findings session with Marietta Theunissen was an enlightening experience.”

Marietta has a very pleasant way of explaining the overall structure of her Akashic findings and allows for interaction, questions and feedback during her session, she also goes into more detail as we cover each area of the findings and ensures one understands them, and advises on where to perhaps apply some changes, caution, meditation or healing base on the various relevant findings throughout.


The findings where remarkably accurate, interesting and very insightful, I was able to relate to the findings and could draw conclusion, validations and guidance from which I am able to reflect, apply changes, and practices in my everyday life and would like to do so in the near future, the fact that Marietta allows one to record the session is also a great little bonus, (a take away gift) so to speak as one is able to review and listen to the recording later which is helpful as it can be a lot of detailed and info to take in at once, it is also a great way to go back, listen again,  and review to remind one of some of those thoughts and changes one was thing of applying during the reading.


Marietta is a true master at what she does, and her track record speaks volumes.

During the reading I felt a variety of emotions, happy, overwhelmed, surprised and mostly impressed, I felt happy to receive information related to my life that was a form of insights one would not ordinarily get, and a validation of who I am as a person, how I have grown, and how and why I have followed my journey in life, my souls purpose and where I was form was also very cool.  The accuracy is mind blowing, scary and exciting all at once ( in a good way) a great experience overall.


I can personally highly recommend Marietta for readings, including Akashic readings, I was excited to receive her findings and was certainly not disappointed, pure satisfaction, and totally delighted

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