It is a belief that discipline will bring us success. Self discipline however is more important as it will lead to FREEDOM.

Discipline allows us to achieve the things we most want in life and will give us the freedom to enjoy what we love doing .

Discipline allows us to practice the daily habits that get us the things we desire , we want.   For example if we wake up, get up, dress up and show up and we are early to do all tasks we set ourselves to do , we will have more free time for what our passion or hobbies are.

If we have discipline to save money, we will have the savings to travel, go on holiday , eventually retire…..all leading to more freedom and own time.

If we set boundaries for ourselves , it enables us to develop disciplines (habits are formed) and it will give us true freedom which all of us crave.

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Here from a beautiful mother city , SOUTH AFRICA,

Lots of love, LIGHT and laughter



OFTEN we become tired, we feel time is running away and we don’t get enough done!
Then our body also shows up as tense, stiff, sore or worse scenario we become diseased with fibromyalgia , or chronic fatigue and just general feelings of “low” as an example.

We don’t realize that this is a vicious cycle of FEELING NOT GOOD ENOUGH …..most women feel like this where men seem to have an easier time feeling ok about where they are at.

Not feeling good enough puts an extra burden on our whole cellular system and keeps us in a state of NEVER GOOD ENOUGH.

This belief is an example of a negative BELIEF that might have been instilled in ourselves through out our childhood or in adulthood when we choose dysfunctional , abusive disempowering relationships where we even get told that WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOT BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH, NOT THIN ENOUGH, NOT CREATIVE ENOUGH, NOT SUCCESSFUL ENOUGH….etc etc….

This is one of the many beliefs we need to become aware of so that we can improve our life and our health and happiness.

Sometimes we also carry a certain belief in our DNA as we carry it over from our generations before….unspoken , non verbal.



We all at some or other stage of our life will experience loss and this is part of our human experience. It is a normal part of our life. Grief is necessary to move through the stages to find the deeper meaning of a loss of a loved one or death of a pet or even after a separation or divorce .

Grief is universal yet distinctive.

If grief is not experienced with our feelings we stay stuck in emotions .

The grieving process is active and passive. Grief is passive as in that the loss , death is thrust upon us . We feel we have no choice and emotionally it will affect us. Grief is also active as we choose how we respond to our loss and there are definite steps we take to cope with the loss and its normal and healthy as we move through the MOURNING PROCESS.

THE PRELUDE to the grieving process is.

  • Shock
  • Denial

“this is not happening to me “ for instance or “the doctor is wrong” . The loss of control is most likely the hardest to deal with. Then we have the stage of EMOTIONAL RELEASE.

THESE are feelings like guilt, anger, bargaining, isolation, hopelessness, bitterness, frustration, worrying , pain and revenge. With ANGER we mask the emotions of the deep pain of loss . With BARGAINING with God /Spirit/the Universe we deal with statements like

“I should have, I ought to have…I could have….if only I did etc “

But all of these statements will not change the outcome.

DEPRESSION is a quiet stage of grief with feelings of isolation, confusion , deep sorrow and sadness and it is a normal stage of the mourning process. Its not healthy to not reach out to a loved one, a friend or group of support or a trusted grieving coach, therapist to have the support we need at this stage.  We will otherwise stay stuck in the emotion and our thoughts will cause us even more suffering . Its not advisable to suffer over our suffering as we are not victims or martyrs in life.

And eventually we will move into ACCEPTANCE. Then we have the upward turn to move forward again in life. Its not a happy end but we are ready to move on , move forward in our life.

Acceptance means we can see a future for ourselves, we find new meaning in life, we have new goals and passions. We have allowed ourselves healing !

We are transformed and have a deeper knowledge of how much stronger , resilient , and compassionate we have become with new faith and hope.

Grief is often experiences differently by different people as we often revisit a certain stage over time and the stages hit us differently like a wave that comes and goes .When we know the stages we know where we are in the mourning process and we can figure out when we will be done with the grieving process.

We need to watch ourselves in not neglecting our health i.e. eating healthily , exercising, getting out into nature and seeing to it that we have enough sleep , iow a healthy balance and routine to our life. Praying for our loved ones or people we have been divorced from is a compassionate act and practising meditation and forgiveness will keep us in the Light. 

Acceptance is also when we realize we have been changed but not defeated and we are stronger for this experience .

Be proud of yourself and to go through a mourning process is the hardest experience and journey  we need to live and experience .

For individual assistance and coaching in your grieving process , whats app us on.+27728807904

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Live your power!

As you know , i have contemplated for a while now to write another book, but have been holding back as ever day i am learning something new……which brings me to the start of me blogging from now on….i want to share more of my daily life, inspirations, learnings , feelings with you as my readers , clients, friends, fb community and family…….as we all learn from one another.

today i feel i want to explain what it means to take your power back and what this really means ….living in your power has nothing to do with wielding power over others but living more authentic, more real, more in your own truth of your values and beliefs…which in the end brings you to a place where you are actually more balanced, happier, more fulfilled and much more sensitive to others. i have often been told how i have always given away my power to the romantic relationships especially , in my life….which also brings me to a topic of BOUNDARIES..and to know where you end and someone else begins……to live in your power means also that you understand that you cannot change your circumstances but definitely how you can change your beliefs, your attitudes and your actions……despite any of the circumstances…..

plus a very important factor namely that you TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS ….with that it does not matter what were the circumstances, but that for instance , i can now make peace with my past and my past relationships for how i have reacted to all the events…..and from now on can make changes to my behaviours and have the ability to CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY ….as my truth about all my situations have brought me to more insight to myself and all my behaviours…..so then we do not condone or forget the lessons we had , but we can forgive ourselves and others for whatever was played out here…..and that gives us the POWER TO CHANGE OUR CHOICES AND BEHAVIOURS fully….how truly EMPOWERING.

TO LIVE your power is making you more confident in claiming your life and your rights without looking for acknowledgement from anyone else but to be the authority over your own life and happiness.

if you want to know if you are living in your own power, then feel into the center of your power which is the solar plexus chakra…just under the rib cage and it is of yellow colour….envision a yellow ball to circle anti clockwise and feel it strong and yellow as the sun and if you feel anxious about anything , you have most likely given your power away , but if you feel confident and strong about something, you are most likely living strongly in your solar plexus….you can breathe into this area to feel stronger and visualize more yellow and more strength into this area of your body….and it will strengthen you in your decisions…wala.

to take back your power will also strengthen your health , your emotions and you in your totality as you will get stronger and will feel more in control of yourself , your life.

Often we are only more aware of having lost our power through allowing others to take our power, our soul.

Learn to be more in tune with who you are and what you truly want and stay in your heart, gut and head to make your life fulfilling.

Intuitive Development Workshop

Join Marietta on 28 July 2018 in JHB for her Intuitive Development Workshop. Learn to use the Tarot and Angel Cards to read for yourself and others. Learn how to use Chakras and see peoples Aura energy field, delve into Numerology Principles and connect with like minded people,


Marietta Theunissen – 2018 Workshops in Johannesburg

This year Marietta will be presenting various workshops from a center in Douglasdale Johannesburg. Bookings can be made via marietta@mariettatheunissen.com groups are limited to no more than 10. Booking is essential!

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17 November 2018 – R1350 (lunch included) Tarot Workshop, healing of the chakras, learning about energies and the Aura.

Launching of MT Love Coaching Subscription Content Site

We are very excited to announce that our online content website MT Love coaching underwent a bit of a face lift the last few weeks. SO what’s new?

We have introduced a new manageable monthly subscription for all our online courses and online tv show content. This means for a small monthly contribution you can watch Open Mind as well as the new Awakening Season 2 which will launch 1 August, as well as take part in our two spiritual courses Numerology for beginners and The Beginners Tarot workshop all under one subscription. This monthly contribution will also give you lifetime access to all our new videos and courses that we are currently producing.

The site www.mtlovecoaching.co.za is live but still in beta mode so please if you would like to join our like minded community go subscribe but please also let us know of any bugs or problems you may pick up. info@mariettatheunissen.com

We are very passionate people and we are aiming at building a massive content website, but in order to do that we need your help, if there is any content or courses you would like us to make or you have ideas on what you think is relevant please email us so we can grow this as a community 🙂

Open mind as well as the two courses are already available NOW, Awakening will launch 1 August and a new episode will release every tuesday.

All input is greatly appreciated 🙂

Julia and Marietta Theunissen

How to Achieve Mental Strength

ITS hard to achieve mental strength when you feel stuck. The ability to break the mould and take a bold new direction requires extra input, courage, determination and perseverance. These kinds of qualities only the mentally strong have!!

Mentally strong people are:


To fully understand and tolerate strong negative emotions and do something productive with them takes mental strength. Moments that test your mental strength are ultimately testing your emotional intelligence. Your emotional intelligence is in fact flexible and can be improved where IQ is not.


Your mentality has a powerful effect on your ability to succeed. THIS is a fact.

“when you think, you can, or think you can’t – you are right {Henry Ford}

Confidence inspires others and helps them to make things happen.


Mentally strong people are flexible and are constantly adapting and growing with circumstances. They know that fear of change is paralyzing and a major threat to their success and happiness.

Only when you embrace change can you find the good in it.


The more difficulty you have to say NO the more likely you are to experience stress, burn out or depression.

Saying NO is healthy, self-affirming and builds good self-esteem.


Mentally strong people take charge of their interactions with toxic people by keeping their emotions in check.

Not letting anger or frustration fuel the chaos is of utmost importance.

They find solutions to problems and try and find common ground at all times.

It’s important to take a toxic person with a grain of salt to avoid letting him or her bring them down.


Where we focus, our attention will determine our emotional state. When you focus on action to better yourself and your circumstances, you create a sense of personal efficacy.

THEY DON’T COMPARE THEMSELVES TO OTHERS. Everyone has something to offer and one does not have to take other people down a notch to feel good about themselves.


The road to success is paved with failure and with the experience of failure one can see a solution that you have been missing. Frustration always forces you to think differently….”out of the box”.


People with mental strength that exercise at least 2x per week rate their body image and self-esteem higher and it keeps you strong and healthy.


Quality sleep is a priority for better strength, motivation, health and stamina and mental wellbeing …in general for all of our wellbeing.


Mentally strong people don’t get caught up in things they can’t control like the weather or a war of famine…etc but they focus their energy on things within their power.










February Newsletter

As you all know , I find it rather challenging to write regularly –

As however from personal experience know that writing is one of the most powerful ways to access more of who you truly are. With simple writing exercises you can heal the past, open to higher guidance , expand your sense of identity and  integrate your shadows.

So I dare you , write down your highs and lows of the last 4 months as for this month , we still need to be buckled up-the ride is tense with the just vanishing full moon in Leo and the eclipse of yesterday and another eclipse on the 28 February. Eclipses shake and wake us, keep us transforming and change our lives sometimes for good.

We are all on this journey together and for a number of months now I have become even more aware of how little we are in control of our life events and we are only in charge of how we respond to them .

Even in times of adversary, stay calm and in balance by praying, rituals , meditation, going for a walk, swim and by connecting to your “tribe”.

Self-care is a lifestyle and a necessity before we can take care of all our other commitments.

We are not in control of anyone’s actions, behaviours but we can take charge by making choices that serve our own values and that keep us happy , in the Light and in Joy …..if you fail , like we all will, just get up and do it again and with time this will be a new way of life.

I made a commitment to my parents 2 years ago to live only with forever memories and now have “love “ as a memory as my Dad passed away 10 weeks ago

As we approach VALENTINES DAY , the day of lovers, the day of love-love is all there is…….I am even more aware how much we need to stay in the present, live in the present and experience the present as the only experience NOW.

I made a commitment to myself to treat every day as if this is the last day of my life, the last memories I can make and with that I will ask myself often “what would love do here, how would love respond here ?!”

With 21 days of this practice we can change our old behaviour and live in a new way of behaving and responding.

If we all live with more awareness and from this point of view, we will all grow in COMPASSION AND SPREADING LIGHT and change the vibration for all of us on this planet and in this time of turmoil and seemingly chaos….

There is order in this chaos….as we  are all exactly where we are supposed to be and all is in DIVINE ORDER.




New Coaching website

My new coaching website launched last week, i am so excited as i want to broadcast my knowledge via online courses, so far i have released the Beginners Tarot Workshop and Numerology 101. These online course as well as numerous free content is available 24 hours a day and very interactive.

For more info on my new website please visit http://mtlovecoaching.co.za

The promos of my new courses can be seen below 🙂



Last Show for the YEAR Pierneefteater

Julia Theunissen and I are very excited for the content of our LAST SHOW for the year on 24 November… what you can expect:

-predictions of what 2017 will hold for us globally
-months to look out for and the lucky times we can expect
-motivational information on how to communicate better
-relationships do’s and don’ts
-how to start using your intuition and trusting it
-how to let go of the past and live free and whole
-how people on the other side send us signs that they are happy
-how to work through the grieving process

All this and probably much more. Marietta and I are almost fully booked for the year. So this show will give everyone the chance to meet with us and like minded people. Learn and break through certain patterns that might be holding you back .

For ticket sales and bookings please call the pierneefteater directly today on 012 329 0709 / www.pierneefteater.co.za