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After my recent experiences , I have done some contemplation and I found myself feeling vulnerable and insecure which needed some understanding and clearing.
Our own emotional issues are always our OWN ISSUES and bring up unresolved hurts and emotions from our early primal relationships and all subsequent important relationships thereafter.

I believe that practicing universal love is the new way of the new paradigm experience.

I believe that giving is more rewarding than receiving and have always done this. Even when I had abusive relationships or have been miserably exploited, I can truly find enough tenderness in my heart to forgive.

I carry a heavy weight of sadness and sorrow in my soul but I am willing to master my feelings of martyrdom otherwise I would end up bitter and miserable.
Remember the flipside of idealism is cynicism. You cannot become a cynic without once been an idealist.

I believe that all souls alive at the moment are beautiful and advanced souls. We can be mystical , spiritual and prophetic. True joy is in giving . I accept little in return, just companionship and acceptance.

While others seek God through prayer and ritual, I find my spiritual source in silent meditation, listening and nature.

It’s true for many that we might have to withdraw into ourselves to gather energies to face the world. I would surely collapse without these periods of solitude.

My energies vibrate at a very high level and I use my mental faculties so much that I can easily deplete my strength of my physical body. I was sickly and delicate as a child.
Many healers and see-ers can resonate with what I am saying.

There is one sticky situation in which I found myself often in and that is my ability to forgive and it will attract people who rely on it. I often see my friends as enemies and my enemies as friends. Even when people have hurt me, I try and protect them.

When a partner or friend is not acting in an acceptable manner , I would rather bury the hurt and forgive them then to confront the problem. I dislike confrontation and directness .

I give myself fully in all of my relationships and often therefore attract people in need. This is not always the best foundation for a satisfying relationship. So I have learnt to remember the biblical saying warning against casting the pearls before the swine.

My thinking is pure, deeply felt and often inspired. On the negative side, when I feel lack of confidence , I mirror others who may not be on my level and throughout my life , I find myself in situations where I think “why on earth did I do that “

I cannot bear to disappoint others and this causes me to do things that I am often ashamed of later. I however need to realize then that I am a good person.

I need to learn the art of self-protection and I am aware that it is impossible to live life among the wolves if you are playing the part of the sacrificial lamb.

It was Jesus who said “behold I send you forth as sheep among the wolves, but be ye as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 11;16)

In a total selfless manner did Jesus perform hundreds of miracles that would now be considered among the most marvelous of psychic occurrences. Even more important are his numerous acts of mercy and loving kindness. Never has the world seen A SOUL so advanced , so good, so able to express the DIVINE.

With this thought I leave you today….

Love , Light and laughter always , Yours Marietta


Tussen Twee Werelde – DSTV Channel 147

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Het jyonlangs ‘n geliefde aan die dood afgestaan? Of is daar iets wat jy al baie lankwou sê vir iemand wat lank gelede oorlede is? Of wil jy dalk net uitvind ofhulle met rus is? Dan is jy die ideale kandidaat vir Via se nuwe program,Tussen Twee Wêrelde.
Vernamemedium, Julia Theunissen, wil jou help om antwoorde vir jou toekoms, hulp metdie hede en ‘n begrip van jou verlede te kry. So as jy Afrikaans is, in Gauteng bly en jy stel belang, stuur vir ons jou naam en kontakbesonderhede asook ‘n paar onlangse foto’s na