It is a belief that discipline will bring us success. Self discipline however is more important as it will lead to FREEDOM.

Discipline allows us to achieve the things we most want in life and will give us the freedom to enjoy what we love doing .

Discipline allows us to practice the daily habits that get us the things we desire , we want.   For example if we wake up, get up, dress up and show up and we are early to do all tasks we set ourselves to do , we will have more free time for what our passion or hobbies are.

If we have discipline to save money, we will have the savings to travel, go on holiday , eventually retireā€¦..all leading to more freedom and own time.

If we set boundaries for ourselves , it enables us to develop disciplines (habits are formed) and it will give us true freedom which all of us crave.

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Here from a beautiful mother city , SOUTH AFRICA,

Lots of love, LIGHT and laughter


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