OFTEN we become tired, we feel time is running away and we don’t get enough done!
Then our body also shows up as tense, stiff, sore or worse scenario we become diseased with fibromyalgia , or chronic fatigue and just general feelings of “low” as an example.

We don’t realize that this is a vicious cycle of FEELING NOT GOOD ENOUGH …..most women feel like this where men seem to have an easier time feeling ok about where they are at.

Not feeling good enough puts an extra burden on our whole cellular system and keeps us in a state of NEVER GOOD ENOUGH.

This belief is an example of a negative BELIEF that might have been instilled in ourselves through out our childhood or in adulthood when we choose dysfunctional , abusive disempowering relationships where we even get told that WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH, NOT BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH, NOT THIN ENOUGH, NOT CREATIVE ENOUGH, NOT SUCCESSFUL ENOUGH….etc etc….

This is one of the many beliefs we need to become aware of so that we can improve our life and our health and happiness.

Sometimes we also carry a certain belief in our DNA as we carry it over from our generations before….unspoken , non verbal.

We can improve our whole life by being aware where we live with phrases like YOU SHOULD , YOU OUGHT TO, YOU CANNOT, YOU NEED TO PUSH AGAINST ALL ODDS….or EVEN NO ONE RESTS EVER…..

You might ask :”where do I start to change this “

First become aware where you push yourself, where you do not allow yourself to have some rest or (god forbid) some fun !!

Learn to meditate , be more focused and have less distractions to be able to finish your TO DO LIST daily. See that your daily chores you set yourself are reasonable and not surreal….also focus on what do you do daily to have some fun, of follow a hobby or do your daily exercise or sit in the bath with bubbles or in the sun with your steaming cappuccino.

When you also figure out your BEING VALUES then you can tackle your beliefs that never really serve you , iow they don’t add to your life but in fact , they lower your vibe.

Learn too to listen to your own inner gut , if something feels frightening but exciting , then its most likely something that is good for you to do, but if something feels like a kick in the gut , or you become nauseous …….then obviously it’s a no brainer to push against you own best knowing.

This kind of feeling into your gut to find a more joyful way of living goes for everything. REST when u feel it in your body , sleep when you know you need to sleep, take a day off work if you feel you are loosing your sanity or your compassion for humanity. ….also in terms of any and every choice you make for yourself, be aware that we often follow a belief that is part of our culture…..tune into yourself for all answers ….

Positive affirmations also help to lift yourself out of this self made hell of suffering which is really a cycle of suffering and pain.

I lovingly think back of how I taught my youngest daughter the belief that ….”I love money and money loves me, I am on the road to prosperity “ and today she is an affluent young lady with healthy beliefs around MONEY.

I was brought up with a belief of “we don’t have money “ “money doesn’t grow on trees “ and today I can still see the negative effect these beliefs had on my life.

So make it a daily practice to follow your three most important being values but changing beliefs that you either have taken on as a result of surroundings, family or culture and improve your life by changing them…to make yourself feel better, happier about your feelings of what is good or not just for YOU.

ACCEPT compliments, complete tasks as good as you can , but then be done as perfectionism has never served no one neither as there will always be people that will criticize you, compliment you or be indifferent. ACCEPT YOURSELF WITH WEAKNESSES AND STRENGHTS AND LAUGH MORE. Have fun and laugh as when we cant laugh anymore, cannot dance anymore, the world will not survive.

Life and living depends on you and on every individual as our vibration MAKES A DIFFERENCE. So do we show indirectly to generations after us how to do it….more lovingly and more accepting and living our abilities and gifts, talents with JOY.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF ….the more you are kind, forgiving and loving to yourself , the more life will become a pleasure and not a burden to live.

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Sometimes and mostly we need to take step by step ….to become good at something , especially if it’s a change to our behaviour patterns.
And believe me , all of us are RELUCTANT to CHANGE.

With this I leave you today from a cold mother city….

Lots of love, Light and laughter.

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