Live your power!

As you know , i have contemplated for a while now to write another book, but have been holding back as ever day i am learning something new……which brings me to the start of me blogging from now on….i want to share more of my daily life, inspirations, learnings , feelings with you as my readers , clients, friends, fb community and family…….as we all learn from one another.

today i feel i want to explain what it means to take your power back and what this really means ….living in your power has nothing to do with wielding power over others but living more authentic, more real, more in your own truth of your values and beliefs…which in the end brings you to a place where you are actually more balanced, happier, more fulfilled and much more sensitive to others. i have often been told how i have always given away my power to the romantic relationships especially , in my life….which also brings me to a topic of BOUNDARIES..and to know where you end and someone else begins……to live in your power means also that you understand that you cannot change your circumstances but definitely how you can change your beliefs, your attitudes and your actions……despite any of the circumstances…..

plus a very important factor namely that you TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS ….with that it does not matter what were the circumstances, but that for instance , i can now make peace with my past and my past relationships for how i have reacted to all the events…..and from now on can make changes to my behaviours and have the ability to CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY ….as my truth about all my situations have brought me to more insight to myself and all my behaviours… then we do not condone or forget the lessons we had , but we can forgive ourselves and others for whatever was played out here…..and that gives us the POWER TO CHANGE OUR CHOICES AND BEHAVIOURS fully….how truly EMPOWERING.

TO LIVE your power is making you more confident in claiming your life and your rights without looking for acknowledgement from anyone else but to be the authority over your own life and happiness.

if you want to know if you are living in your own power, then feel into the center of your power which is the solar plexus chakra…just under the rib cage and it is of yellow colour….envision a yellow ball to circle anti clockwise and feel it strong and yellow as the sun and if you feel anxious about anything , you have most likely given your power away , but if you feel confident and strong about something, you are most likely living strongly in your solar plexus….you can breathe into this area to feel stronger and visualize more yellow and more strength into this area of your body….and it will strengthen you in your decisions…wala.

to take back your power will also strengthen your health , your emotions and you in your totality as you will get stronger and will feel more in control of yourself , your life.

Often we are only more aware of having lost our power through allowing others to take our power, our soul.

Learn to be more in tune with who you are and what you truly want and stay in your heart, gut and head to make your life fulfilling.

Intuitive Development Workshop

Join Marietta on 28 July 2018 in JHB for her Intuitive Development Workshop. Learn to use the Tarot and Angel Cards to read for yourself and others. Learn how to use Chakras and see peoples Aura energy field, delve into Numerology Principles and connect with like minded people,


Marietta Theunissen – 2018 Workshops in Johannesburg

This year Marietta will be presenting various workshops from a center in Douglasdale Johannesburg. Bookings can be made via groups are limited to no more than 10. Booking is essential!

See all dates and details below:

12 May 2018 – R1350pp (lunch included) Develop your intuition! Practical learning and application using psychometry, meditation and numerology. This course is packed with information and guided advise. Intimate group of no more than 10 and lots of personal attention.

2 June 2018 – R1350pp (including lunch) Caterpillar to Butterfly – Transform yourself to a better, more adjusted and happier person! Space is limited for this unique coaching program.

1 September 2018 – R1950 (lunch included) Couples course – Rekindle your love connection, learn communication skills and understanding of each other.

17 November 2018 – R1350 (lunch included) Tarot Workshop, healing of the chakras, learning about energies and the Aura.

Launching of MT Love Coaching Subscription Content Site

We are very excited to announce that our online content website MT Love coaching underwent a bit of a face lift the last few weeks. SO what’s new?

We have introduced a new manageable monthly subscription for all our online courses and online tv show content. This means for a small monthly contribution you can watch Open Mind as well as the new Awakening Season 2 which will launch 1 August, as well as take part in our two spiritual courses Numerology for beginners and The Beginners Tarot workshop all under one subscription. This monthly contribution will also give you lifetime access to all our new videos and courses that we are currently producing.

The site is live but still in beta mode so please if you would like to join our like minded community go subscribe but please also let us know of any bugs or problems you may pick up.

We are very passionate people and we are aiming at building a massive content website, but in order to do that we need your help, if there is any content or courses you would like us to make or you have ideas on what you think is relevant please email us so we can grow this as a community 🙂

Open mind as well as the two courses are already available NOW, Awakening will launch 1 August and a new episode will release every tuesday.

All input is greatly appreciated 🙂

Julia and Marietta Theunissen