Marietta's husband, Roy Leigh is offering a unique healing modality, that combines Bodytalk and Reiki.
These two have their origins in ancient Vedic science.
Essentially Bodytalk reestablishes links within the body mind, including the subtle bodies that surround us, and then balances these by the ancient art of tapping.
Reiki directs sacred  God given energy( chi) to then smooth out the whole being, rather like giving a tune up to ones car.
Roy has been a student of esoteric science for 40 years, specifically healing aspects of Vedanta, qualified in advanced Reiki practices, early 2000's, then studied many modules of Bodytalk, qualifying as Cerfified Bodytalk practioner ( CBP) in 2005.
During these times I was fully occupied in business activities; now that I have retired from my business life, I can give full attention to my passions, especially this new healing modality.
The cost of a 45 minute session is R400, my room is at 333 Riverglades, 67 Juweel st Jukskei park