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This series was shot in Stellenbosh in 2012 and was Marietta's dream, it focuses on all things spiritual.

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Episode 1: Contacting loved ones that have passed on (1)

Episode 2: Relationship challenges and giving predictions (1)

Episode 3: Energies - Angels, Guides, Entities... How to deferentiate between Ghost, poltergeists, nature spirits, and negative thought forms etc.

Episode 4: Allopathic medicines vs Natural medicines 

Episode 5: The Aura (our energy field)... How to keep it healthy and clean, and protecting yourself from external stresses.

Episode 6: Predictions for money, work/career finding your life mission

Episode 7: Contacting loved ones that have passed on (2)

Episode 8: Relationships communication and how men and women differ (2)

Episode 9: How to cleanse Haunted Houses

Episode 10: Spirituality vs Dogma...How to find your own path

Episode 11: Animals...passed on pets, where do they go?

Episode 12: Karma and reincarnation (Dreams)

Episode 13: Open episode, anything goes.

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