Open Mind Flyer 2



World Renowned clairvoyant and medium MARIETTA THEUNISSEN, famous for her successful television program on kyknet DIE ANDER KANT for 5 seasons, is back with yet another exciting and educational television program OPEN MIND WITH MARIETTA THEUNISSEN.

This production deals with different topics related to the spiritual world and is an educational experience for the viewers and the audience. 

Marietta's equally talented daughter Julia Theunissen co-presents this series. This exciting mother-daughter combo will blow you away.

Episode 1
Contacting loved ones who have passed on.
Episode 2
Relationship Challenges and Predictions.
Episode 3
Energies - Angels, Guides and Entities.
How to differentiate between Ghosts, Poltergeister, nature spirits and negative thought forms. 
Episode 4
Alopathic vs Natural medicine
Episode 5
The Aura
How to keep it healthy and clean, protecting yourself from external stresses.
Episode 6
Finding your life mission
Predictions for money, work and Career.
Episode 7
Contacting loved ones that have passed on.
Episode 8
Relationship communication, how MEN and WOMEN differ.
Episode 9
How to cleanse haunted houses.
Episode 10
Spirituality VS Dogma... Finding your own Path.
Episode 11
Passed on Pets, where do they go?
Episode 12
Karma and Reincarnation.
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