Astral Travel: We Astral travel mostly when we are asleep, we leave our bodies and visit other dimensions
and levels, this cd teaches one how to Astral travel voluntarily

Leef Jou Geloof: This Afrikaans cd focuses on faith, not in a spiritual sense but rather in not hooking
into fear, living in the moment and trusting the process.

Living free of Addiction: We all have addictions, whether it is gym, work, chocolates or more dangerous
ones, we have them, this cd focuses on letting those addictions go and dealing with ones emotions.

Spirit Communication: This cd was created to help the individual learn how to make spirit connections
of their own, whether the other side, with angels or guides, this is an excellent “how to” cd.

This book deals with the tricky subject of passing over in a non-threatening way, making it easier to accept the abundant life that is possible beyond this dimension. Through her long running TV Series and in private practice the author has gained experience of the wide variety of sometimes traumatic events that occur in peope’s lives and has interspersed her text with real life stories that are relevant to the problems that so many of us face but are sometimes afraid to ask about or don’t know whom to ask.
Some of the topics considered are: psychic attack, illness, reincarnation and karma, cot death, interacting with entities, suicide and the afterlife of pets.

Hierdie boek bekyk die netelige kwessie cvan ‘n rustige heengaan en maak dit makliker om die oorvloedige lewe wat in die hiernamaals is, te aanvaar.

Deur haar lang tv-reeks en privaat praktyk, het die outeur oor ‘n groot aantal onderwerpe ondervinding opgedoen, waarvan sommige dikwels traumatiese gebeure in mense se lewens was. Haar boek is deurspek van ware lewensgebeure wat relevant is tot die probleme wat baie van ons dikwels in die gesig staar, maar te bang is om oor te praat en dikwels nie weet met wie om te praat nie.

Sommige van die onderwerpe wat aangeraak word, is:Geestelike aanvalle, siekte, reïnkarnasie, karma, wiegiedood, interaksies met entiteite, selfmoord en die hiernamaals van diere.