I am a clairvoyant, medium and teacher who has also completed 5 seasons of a show called “Die Ander Kant” which encompassed 65 episodes where I performed readings and consultations on the program which ran on “Kyknet” from 2004 to 2010. I returned back to Southern Africa on the 4 August 2006 after working and living in New Zealand for two and a half years successfull I now have a home in NZ and SA.

During a solar eclipse in Windhoek, Namibia, I was born with the umbilical cord twice around my neck, thought to be dead and blue. I was in the maternity home for another two weeks, there I was left to fight for life or die. A sickly childhood left me mostly in my own world of fantasy, imagination and thought. My mother was my most important contact and my father was, due to work circumstances, hardly ever at home.

From an early age I can recall feeling, feelings of others, seeing nature spirits and being aware of spiritual beings. My first years at a convent proved to be disempowering and my free spirit was squashed by severe and cruel punishment.

My psychic talent can be traced back several generations on my mother’s side. My breakthrough and awakening happened in my late twenties when my high school sweetheart had a fatal car accident, this was my spiritual turning point. During that year a spiritual teacher visited Namibia and gave courses which gave me a hefty push into the esoteric field. Then my remaining grandmother died and linked with me.

When a friend, a Dutch Reformed Church minister, became deeply disturbed by my interest in psychic matters and wanted to pray this gift away, I was brought to a crossroad. I chose to commit myself totally to the new direction my life had taken. I began to read avidly and to study the tarot, astrology, numerology, the runes, aura reading, chakras and healing on all levels. These skills have helped me in my dealings with clients and patients. To either help or clear blockages or to confirm to the client what has already come through clairvoyantly.

My journey included working with people like Denise Linn, Thorwald Deetlefson, Brandon Bays and John Kehoe. I furthered my practice to include past life regression therapy, journey work and the teachings of Native Americans and speaking and healing of animals.

In facing and dealing with death and those we love, it is reassuring to know it is possible to make contact with those we have lost and to know that they are whole and in fact, not lost at all. For me sharing the gift of this knowledge became part of my life’s work.

In the last 25 years I have also believed that it is important for people to empower themselves in their process of evolving and becoming conscious, aware and taking responsibility for their lives. After three marriages and bringing up two girls, I wanted to share my life lessons more keenly with compassion with other seeking humans. Helping people reach closure with people who have passed on, letting go and accepting spirit and living with spirit, became part of my life mission. In the last 25 years I also helped people with their relationships, business decisions and health issues. I have worked with big organizations to merge with other companies to restructure or dissolve, or build solid foundations and also could help with investments as I have, as some say, x ray eyes, when it comes to predicting the future stock market trends or world happenings in general.

I help people to connect with their own sixth sense and inner creativity through teaching meditation, healing, reading of the aura and chakras, dream interpretations and spiritual tools such as tarot, runes, numerology and psychometry. I also help people to channel for themselves, program crystals, tune into their angels and guides, contact angels and live with spirit, live with faith and have primal trust. I also teach how to live in harmony and with coincidence as a way of life. As change is the great constant of the universe, moral strength is called for instead of violence. I prepare people to live with external challenges, but with trust and peace in divine guidance and one’s own inner strength.

Learning acceptance, letting go of frustration, resistance and regret - lettings things be and still staying active with what is ones inner calling - living with passion and having joy and fun in life, even though there is a reason for everything. I have learnt that life is a constant change and we abide, as there is a divine plan and all is in perfect order and in perfect time. At the moment my daughter Julia has also taken on this field and is also doing her own readings. Together we have been working for over 8 years now and feel proud with what we have accomplished.

Marietta’s daughter, Julia, also has the psychic gift and is one of SA’s top life coaches; she runs her and Marietta’s practice in SA. They are not only business partners, but also now both presenters of Marietta’s newest television series “Open Mind with Marietta Theunissen” that was filmed in Cape-Town October 2012.

Open Mind with Marietta Theunissen is the first television series of it sort. It is a fresh and new concept where Marietta and Julia discussed topics more on a spiritual level. Each of the 13 episodes have a different topic such as “Karma, reincarnation, haunted houses, career and future, relationships, dreams, loved ones that  passed on and more. The audience had the opportunity to ask Marietta questions and Marietta chose a couple of audience members for a more in depth reading.

In 2012 Marietta released her first book called "The Ultimate Transformation" that is a top seller in South-Africa. The Afrikaans version "Die Finale Keerpunt" is also available.

We are all spirit having a human experience and I want to assist you on your journey. STEP INTO THE LIGHT.