My Services

I have been in the spiritual field for over 35 years, with a vast knowledge regarding psychic intuition, connecting with loved ones, predicting the future and coaching my clients. This has been and always will be my passion!

Telephone Sessions

Session over the phone or via skype 

Personal Sessions

Face to face sessions at Marietta’s offices.


Marietta uses the SCIO Biofeedback machine to administer distant or personal healing

Email Sessions

Pay per question readings via Email

WhatsApp Sessions

Minimum 2 Question readings via Whatsapp Voice Recordings

Relationship Coaching

Couples Therapy at Marietta’s offices.

Telephone Sessions

30/45 Min

R950 - 1200

Personal Sessions

60 Min



60 Min


Email/WA Sessions

For 2 Question


Teaching is my passion

Do you sometimes feel there is an energy following you or watching you or just makes sleeping a little difficult. We all have the power of intuition to feel when something negative is in our space. Especially children are very sensitive to these lower level energies. In this video I talk about cleansing your house and space, this short video goes hand in hand with our new Online Show Awakening.

I am in South Africa

I am a traveler by nature 🙂  My family mostly lives in New Zealand so I often go visit. However I am based in South Africa again and have no intention of leaving soon.